About Lebanon

Lebanon (Lubanan) is an amalgam of Historical Treasures, Stunning Nature and Majestic Mountains. Indeed, tourists can: - explore Archeological wonders, - savor culinary delights that spice up the palate with rich Mediterranean and healthy ingredients - and the Fashonistas can shop in trendy, hip & chic boutiques, - spend the night-away in clubs & bars with striking design & appeal - and for the most adventurous, enjoy outdoor activities as in hiking, rafting, skiing, etc. - nature lovers and the wonderers are well served. Some of our wild and beautiful mountains are peppered with small villages, terraced for cultivation. Olives, apples and grapes are fed by numerous springs and wells. - tourists, regardless of nationality witness the sheer cheer Hospitality, friendliness, open-mindedness and talented “Multi-lingual” Lebanese – and hence live the cliché e.g. a salute in 3 languages: Hi, Kifak, ca va? Lebanon is, undoubtedly, the most cosmopolitan country ‘par excellence’ in the Arab world. The mixture of religions, cultures, communities, nationalities and extended family networks and relatives is simply phenomenal. And countless Lebanese carry at least two nationalities due to the exposure to western societies. Lebanese are extremely liberal in matters of dress, conduct and open-mindedness – to say the least. Lebanon’s richest culture offered the Arab & African Countries award-winning Divas - from the fifties till now. For instance, our famous singers: Lady “Fairouz”, Ms. Magida El Roumi, Wadih El Safi became symbols of hope and icons for Lebanon. Particularly, Fairouz’ long, soulful songs made her a legend in Lebanon and throughout the World. Our three “tenors” have memorable, melodious voices described as ‘silk and flame in one’. The most beautiful time to visit Lebanon is spring. During April and May, and if your timing is just right, you would be able to live the cliché: Catch the end of the ski season and sunbathe on the coast. Lebanon is ideally suited to an archeological sightseeing tour. The county is small and easy to get around while enjoying several outstanding sites. For the more adventurous, the rugged mountains offer scope for a range of outdoor activities: Hiking, mountain biking, rafting or skiing, are some of your options.