About St Petersburg

Saint-Petersburg is the Northern Russian capital; it is the Cultural, Historical and Architectural Center! Saint-Petersburg was named in honor of Saint Patron Peter the Great, who founded the city more than 300 years ago. Peter the Great modeled the city after European capitals and it has been referred as Russia's "Window into Europe" for a long time. St. Petersburg is divided into numerous islands by rivers and canals and is often called as the "Northern Venice". Saint-Petersburg together with its palaces, museums, theatres, distant suburbs and their parks is renowned for its world's cultural heritage. To Know: Resources: The water system "Lake Ladoga — the Neva River — the Neva Inlet — the Gulf of Finland". Islands: The city is located on 44 islands formed by the Neva River and 90 more rivers and canals. Bridges: 308 bridges within the city proper. The longest bridge across the Neva is the Alexander Nevsky Bridge (909 meters with runways). The widest bridge is the Siniy Bridge on the Moika River (99.5 meters). There are more than 140 museums and around 100 theatres. Nicknames of the city: Venice of the North or The Northern Capital of Russia or Cultural Capital of Russia; Babylon of the Snows; or Russia's Crown Jewel; Cradle of the Revolution.