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My Storytelling (mini guide book)

Do you have a smartphone and an adventurous spirit? Create your own mini travel guide.
We want to celebrate your creativity by inviting you to share your documentary (90 seconds or less);
Enrich our Blog with your experience and knowledge of a city.

Enter a draw and win 02 tickets to Cyprus.

Suggested themes to cover:

  • Show us the beauty of a city through your eyes.
  • Let us know if you experienced something new, met inspirational locals, immersed yourself in a different culture.
  • Take us with you off the beaten path in pursuit of an adventure. Show us how and where.
  • Spread the news of your standout dinners, street food, decadent hangouts…
  • Tell us what travel is for you: is it that instant when toes meet sand or a blissful solitude of nature….

Don’t shy away from small stories


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