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Dubai: Renewable Energy, Virtual Skydiving, Start-up Funds, Water Taxis

Dubai: Renewable Energy, Virtual Skydiving, Start-up Funds, Water Taxis

Live in a renewable energy-powered home
For a climate of year-round sunshine Dubai has been relatively slow to embrace the possibilities of solar energy. But the Emirate is making up for lost time with plans to install solar panels on 10 per cent of Emirati homes, and the first solar powered apartments now on the market. With a colossal $13.6bn solar park in development, capable of powering 1.3 million homes, the possibilities are set to expand while the prices shrink.

Virtual thrills
Dubai is on the frontline of virtual reality innovation and offers a broad sweep of goggle-enabled thrills. Visitors can try their hand at simulated skydiving at the iFly Skydiving simulator, pilot a virtual jet with the Emirates A380 Experience, play at being a racing driver at Dubai Autodrome, or star in blockbuster action movies, like The Void: Ghostbusters Dimension, at Hub Zero.

Receive state funding for your start-up
As part of Dubai’s strategy to become a leading global player in business and technology, the Emirate has established several well-funded accelerator programs to support entrepreneurs developing innovative business ideas. These have largely focused on Emirati-owned companies, but in recent years some of the largest programs have been opened to foreign nationals — including the Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund worth 2bn dirhams ($544 million).

Infrastructure: Get around underground… and on the water
The Dubai Metro opened in 2009 and has provided a mass-transit system suitable for a modern metropolis. Public transport has also expanded into the waterways with the advent of water taxis and water buses along the coastline.