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ETIAS Visas to Europe

ETIAS, European Travel Information and Authorisation System, will become operational in 2024, according to official EU sources. Visa-free visitors to the European Union will soon need to register online before travelling to Europe. Although the exact launch date is not yet known, ETIAS is expected to be fully operational in 2024.

Applicants from the visa waiver countries will have to provide the following information when applying for an ETIAS:

  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationalities
  • Contact details (home address, email address, phone number)
  • Parent(s) first name(s)
  • Education and occupation information
  • Country of first entry
  • Passport details

APPLYING FOR ETIAS IF YOU DO NOT HAVE CONFIRMED TRAVEL PLANS: If you do not have confirmed travel plans, you can still apply for ETIAS.

You need to state which European country you will enter first however, once you have your authorisation, you can travel to any of the ETIAS countries.


In addition to providing the basic information listed above, applicants must declare if any of their family members:

Are citizens of a European country requiring ETIAS

Have freedom of movement in the EU

Information about the family member will be requested.

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SITA partners with Volocopter on digital infrastructure for vertiports

Volocopter, the pioneer of urban air mobility (UAM), and SITA, the world’s leading IT provider to the air transport industry, have entered a partnership, with SITA selected as Volocopter’s preferred digital and IT systems partner for vertiports. Under the agreement, SITA has become the latest investor to join Volocopter’s Series E funding round, cementing the strategic vision espoused by this partnership. 

 UAM will offer a new form of sustainable aviation, replete with multiple mobility options to cities worldwide. The company’s launch product, the VoloCity electric air taxi, will operate routes in congested megacities to offer future passengers stable, quiet, and safe flights. Flights can be hailed via designated boarding points (or “vertiports”). The partnership therefore has the potential to shape aviation industry standards.

Volocopter is known for its integrated UAM ecosystem approach. Its digital operating system, the VoloIQ, connects all partners, thus enabling a holistic service. The VoloIQ therefore enables a digital-first approach that will translate to end-to-end passenger air transportation experiences. This cloud-based system is in the process of being certified by the relevant aviation authorities.

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Virgin Atlantic Joins Delta, Air France-KLM in SkyTeam Alliance

It seems like almost a no-brainer, since the airline is 49 percent owned by Delta Air Lines. But on March 2 Virgin Atlantic Airways officially joined SkyTeam airline alliance, enhancing the group’s offerings at both London Heathrow and Manchester Airport. The only question we have is why did it take so long? Delta has had a 49 percent stake in Virgin Atlantic since 2012. Virgin Atlantic is already a founding partner of a joint venture with SkyTeam members Delta and Air France-KLM.

As part of Virgin’s membership in Skyteam, its customers can now benefit from more opportunities to earn and redeem points, with access to an extensive global route network. Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold and Silver members will receive a raft of benefits, including SkyPriority airport services for Gold members.

Virgin Atlantic formally joined SkyTeam at a signing ceremony in London on March 2.  The move means Virgin Atlantic becomes SkyTeam’s first and only U.K. member airline, enhancing the alliance’s trans-Atlantic network and services to and from Heathrow and Manchester airports.

Virgin Atlantic customers will now benefit from a seamless customer experience, across 1,000 global destinations in over 170 countries.  Customers can book every SkyTeam member flight on a single ticket, checking in with baggage just once through to their final destination.

Virgin Flying Club members have more opportunities to earn Virgin Points and Tier Points across all member airlines, accelerating both their rewards and tier status. In addition, Flying Club members will be able to redeem points on SkyTeam member airlines. Alongside joint venture partners Delta and Air France-KLM, these include Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aeromexico, Air Europa, China Airlines, China Eastern, Czech Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, ITA Airways, Kenya Airways, Korean Air, MEA, Saudia, TAROM, Vietnam Airlines and XiamenAir.


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The Mukaab: Saudi Arabia Announces Plans for the “World’s Largest Inner City Building”

Over the past few years, Saudi Arabia has built a reputation for challenging the boundaries of urban design with projects such as NEOM. These boundaries are once again being tested with the New Murabba project which will be developing the world’s largest modern downtown in Riyadh. The crown jewel of this development is undoubtedly The Mukaab, an iconic landmark that will end up defining Riyadh’s skyline.

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Saudi Arabia aims to develop the world’s largest modern downtown in Riyadh as part of Saudi Vision 2030 plan

It looks like a city out of a science fiction movie: Space pods, flying dragons and floating rocks. But this is the birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia, which wants to transform its capital into one of “the most livable cities on Earth.”

…big enough to fit 20 Empire State buildings. It offers “an immersive experience” with landscapes changing from outer space to green vistas, …. The project is due to be completed in 2030.

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13 Feb. 2023: STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to exceed the visa official stay in the UAE

With IMMEDIATE EFFECT: It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to exceed the visa official stay in the UAE.

  • Failing to do so, Immigration will Take Legal Actions against violators. The latter will be charged with Absconding Fines and will consequently be Banned to enter the UAE or any GCC country.
  • Hence, please make sure to take the necessary arrangements to either: 1). EXIT UAE before the Visa Expiry Date; or 2). Extend the stay.
  • Consequently, the Traveller / Corporate shall be held liable for all and any illicit acts, breaches, overstays penalties and fines resulting from the aforesaid.
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Nice Carnival 2023: King of World Treasures

from February 10 to 26, 2023

Nice Carnival is one of the biggest carnivals in the world! Every year thousands of visitors come to take part. Two top events: the flower battles and the carnival parade.

Here we are, winter is back! The best season to treat yourself with a short trip to end or start the year on a high note after the Christmas festivities. Choose a trip which includes typical villages, ski resorts as well as sunny beaches and festive events! An exotic destination? No! Just a winter weekend on the French Riviera!

Here are a few suggestions of themed weekends to enjoy and discover the beautiful Riviera in a different light during the winter season! Find the perfect combination for your winter weekend with a destination offering unique, authentic stays.


The Nice Carnival is one of the biggest in France and most famous in the world! For 2 weeks (and 3 weekends) in February, experience a succession of night shows and decorated floats in a joyful musical atmosphere! A battle of the flowers takes place every year: 20 flowered floats parade in the streets and distribute over 100,000 regional flowers to the public. A grandiose show, filled with enchantment and colours!

During your stay, take the opportunity to visit Nice’s town centre: history, culture, art and gastronomy, the city has a lot to offer.


Insatiable zest for life! Lemon, pulp and cocktail lovers, welcome to the city of Menton for an event that’s unique in the world: the Fete du Citron. This winter, during your stay on the Côte d’Azur French Riviera, take a few days to experience this spectacular event which takes place in February and lasts 15 days.

The programme: discovering the lemon in all of its aspects!

●     Taking a tour of the Biovès Gardens with its sumptuous citrus sculptures
●     Taking part in exhibitions and Bloemencorso parades by day or by night
●     Taking a tour of the Crafts Fair and the Orchid Festival in the Palais de l’Europe
●     Dancing to the rhythm of the marching bands, shows and folklore
●     Enjoying the highlight of the show in front of the firework

Naturally, the city’s various bars and restaurants have it at heart to give a taste of the famous fruit: in a dish, in a dessert or in a cocktail (to be consumed in moderation of course).


Let’s continue with the colour yellow and take the Mimosa Route: a sensory getaway, at its best between January and March. The Mimosa Route has you discover the treasures and landscapes of the French Riviera, between sea and mountain, in a mild climate.

Starting in Bormes-Les-Mimosas up to Grasse, a 130-km circuit goes through the little villages on the Riviera with the golden flowers as a backdrop. This is sure to awaken your senses. Offering their fragrance and colour, thousands of golden bunches play with the sun and contrast with the blue of the sky and the sea.

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Managing Travel’s New Complexity

…. For the travel industry, that environment includes a heightened global commitment to dealing with climate change. It includes the very real threats of overtourism on fragile ecosystems, wildlife, and local communities. It includes the transformation of the energy economy and the integration of new energy sources, supply chains, and technologies.

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TSA Reveals The 10 Most Unusual Things They Seized From Passengers This Year

It is safe to assume that going through airport security is nobody’s favorite part of traveling. Many of us complain about the inconveniences of a trip through TSA security checkpoints. Waiting in long lines, taking off coats and shoes, taking electronics out of your bag, and who else always forgets to empty their water bottle? While many of us focus on these annoyances, it is easy to forget how important proper airport screening is.

Without this screening many illegal and potentially harmful items could be sitting next to you on the plane, threatening the safety of each flight.

  1. Fentanyl inside candy boxes
  2. Gun stuffed in a chicken
  3. Firearm packed in peanut butter
  4. Gun in an arm sling
  5. Knife in a laptop
  6. Drugs inside scrunchies
  7. Gun in a playstation
  8. Cattle prods
  9. An inert grenade
  10. Money hidden in crutches
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EXPLAINED: How does France’s domestic flight ban really work?

France’s decision to ban short-haul domestic flights for environmental reasons was a world first that made headlines around the globe – but how many flights will the new rule actually ban?

The French government announced its domestic flight ban back in 2021, but it has been back in the news after the European Commission ruled in France’s favour following a challenge by airport associations.

This clears the way for other European countries to bring in similar rules, as part of climate-based efforts to limit flights and persuade travellers to take green alternatives.

What does the new rule say?

The new policy doesn’t ban all domestic flights – only those between destinations that can be reached by train in less than two-and-a-half hours.

So how many flights does this ban actually affect? At present, just three.

How much difference will this make to France’s carbon footprint?

Research carried out at an EU level suggests that it won’t make a huge difference, with short-haul (less than 500km) flights accounting for just six percent of airplane fuel used within the Bloc.

Long haul-flights (over 4,000km) account for just six percent of flights taken, but 47 percent of fuel burned.

What about private planes?

More details in the link:

Reduce Carbon Emissions Programs & …

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BA scraps long haul flights for summer

British Airways is axing flights on three key long haul routes for the summer as it continues to ground dozens of holiday flights daily.

It has cancelled flights to Miami, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

BA said it will reinstate them in September.

Miami flights will be halves from two to one flight a day from June until early September. BA said the slack will be picked up by partner American Airlines. Miami is a highly popular leisure destination for UK holidaymakers.

Demand for Hong Kong flights remains due to HK’s strict entry restrictions. Hong Kong flight resumption had already been pushed back to May 29.

London to Tokyo flights are suspended for the summer 2022 season.

BA cancelled over 100 short haul flights on Wednesday as its struggles with short staffing continue.


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