New Bali Tourist Tax Will Go Live Next Week

New Bali Tourist Tax Will Go Live Next Week

Starting on Feb. 14, all inbound foreign tourists will be required to pay Bali’s new tourist tax.

The tax, which is 150,000 rupiah around ($9.60 USD or $12.90 CAD), will apply to all visitors, including children, heading not only to mainland Bali, but also to any of its surrounding islands including Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembongan, and Nusa Penida. It also applies to all visitors, including those coming via land, cruise ship, or airplane.

Bali says the taxes will go towards “protecting the nature of Bali,” including the environment and the culture on the islands.

the foreign tourist fee will be used to: 1) protect Bali tradition, culture and local wisdoms; 2) supporting sustainable tourism; 3) implementing quality tourism governance; 4) creating cleanliness, safety and comfort for tourist; and 5) build quality public transportation facilities and infrastructure,” Love Bali, the destination’s tourist board, said when it initially announced the tax last year.

Bali has set up a space on Love Bali to pay the tax—credit cards, bank transfers, BPD Bali Channel, and more are all acceptable forms of payment.