Budapest and its 5 Thermal Baths

Budapest and its 5 Thermal Baths

With over a hundred hot springs, Budapest is a spa city par excellence. As a cure or for relaxation, take the waters in these spas where well-being is the essence. Five thermal baths for five different tastes in Budapest.
1) Széchenyi Thermal Baths: Your Must-Visit Thermal Baths
2) Király Baths
3) Gellért, Luxury, calm and sensual delights
4) Rudas Baths, rooftop experience
5) Palatinus, with Family


SZÉCHENYI THERMAL BATHS are without a doubt the most famous in the capital, known throughout the world for their exceptional Renaissance Revival architecture, sheer size and, quality of their calcium- and magnesium-rich waters.
The spring lies 1246 metres underground and when the water spurts up at the surface, it reaches 76°C. …around the 18 pools, 3 outdoors and 15 indoors. Some of the indoor pools are used for back-muscle-building exercises, others are just for aqua-fitness classes. … in winter, the water temperature varies between 27 and 38°C in the outdoor pools.


A 16th century exterior that looks like oriental ruins. In fact, the baths date back to the era when the Ottomans ruled over the city. The dome of the main bath filters the daylight and only lets a few beneficial rays pierce through….All around, there are stone alcoves, 3 indoor pools. Unlike other spas, Király Baths were not built near a spring. The water comes from a larch-wood aqueduct. You then adventurously try the cold-water pool located near the whirlpool bath. Or maybe, you would prefer the wooden sauna which can accommodate up to 60 people.


Part of Hungary’s heritage and worldwide fame. Located at the foot of Gellért Hill, which has stunning views over the city of Budapest. Large glass roof sitting on top of the Art Nouveau gallery, Elegance is the essence here. The indoor baths are decorated with porcelain and ceramic mosaics from the famous Hungarian company, Zsolnay. The patterns and colors on the stained glass are impressive. Marble statues dotted here, there and everywhere remind you that this place is dedicated to well-being. Over the decades, the baths have expanded and new services been added. You can choose a hot-stone massage, balneotherapy, chocolate treatment!


There are two sides to the Rudas Baths. The first echoes the history of Hungary which was under Turkish rule in the 16th century. The architecture alone is worth the detour. Immersed in these baths, you will benefit from the soothing waters, known for their healing properties for joint and muscle pain. Treatments on offer include firming and moisturising massages with aromatic plants, scrubs, pedicures and much more.
The other side to the Rudas Baths is much more contemporary, in evidence in the Wellness and Sauna area and especially on the roof of the baths. Sit in a bath at 36°C with views over the city and the Danube which are second to none. The spectacle is even more magical in the evening as the lights of Budapest come on one by one.

Palatinus: en famille

Enfin, si vous voyagez en famille, partez à l’aventure dans les Bains Palatinus. Le complexe s’étend au cœur d’un cadre verdoyant. Les piscines extérieures permettent à tout un chacun de s’amuser ou de se reposer: toboggans, vagues, bassins d’apprentissage pour les jeunes enfants, piscines thermales avec des températures différentes…