Sri Lanka Facts, The Land of Serendipity

Sri Lanka Facts, The Land of Serendipity

SRI LANKA FACTS, the Land of Serendipity

 Beyond its ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, and amazing wildlife, the island nation has many other stories to uncover.

  1. Sri Lanka is nicknamed Pearl of the Indian Ocean and teardrop of India.
  2. Sri Lanka gave “serendipity” to the English language.
  3. The Sri Lankan national flag is one of the oldest in the world known as Lion Flag, dating back to 162 BC.
  4. Sri Lanka has 8 Sites inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage.

These include 6 cultural Cities and 2 natural sites:
(1) Polonnaruwa city; (2) Sigiriya city; (3) Dambulla Golden Temple; (4) Galle old town and its fortifications;
(5) Anuradhapura city; (6) Kandy city;
The natural sites include: (7) Sinharaja Forest Reserve; (8) Sri Lanka Central Highlands.

  1. Sri Lanka was the first country in the world to democratically elect a woman as the head of government.
  2. Sri Lanka is home to the oldest tree ever to be planted by a human: Sri Maha Bodhi was planted in 288 BC, which makes it more than 2300 years old.
  3. Sri Lanka covers an area of 25,332 mi². Its wildlife is incredibly diverse, home to: 123 species of mammals (such as elephants, leopards, and crocodiles), 227 species of birds, 178 species of reptiles, 122 species of amphibians, and many other animal species.
  4. The national sport isn’t cricket but volleyball.
  5. Sri Lanka is totally about tea. It was formerly known as Ceylon, a name synonymous with tea: it is the largest exporter of tea in the world, and grow black, green and white
  6. There’s more than hundreds waterfalls in Sri Lanka. The majority of its electricity is supplied through hydropower plants that tap into the immense energy of these falls.
  7. Cinnamon originated in Sri Lanka, and found by the Egyptians in 2000 BC. Today, Sri Lanka is still a leading exporter of the world’s cinnamon.
  8. A sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha, brought from India in the 4th century CE, is still preserved in the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy.
  9. Nuwara Eliya, a British-built town located in the hill country, is known for its temperate, cool climate. It used to be the favorite holiday retreat for the British elite.
  10. Adam’s Peak is the most sacred mountain in the country; it has been a mecca for people of various beliefs in Sri Lanka for over a thousand years.
  11. It has the highest literacy rate in South Asia (92%).
  12. Rice and curry is the staple dish in Sri Lanka. It’s often eaten from a banana leaf and with the hands (no cutlery). Rice is the main ingredient of Sri Lankan cuisine.
  13. It is common for restaurants, cafes, and bars to be named as hotels.