KLM facing ‘greenwashing’ lawsuit

KLM facing ‘greenwashing’ lawsuit

Netherlands airline KLM is being targeted in the first major ‘greenwashing’ legal challenge in aviation.

An environmental group plans to sue the airline over ‘misleading’ sustainability ad campaigns.

Fossielvrij NL says its ‘Fly Responsibly’ ads are deceptive and violate European consumer law.

“KLM’s marketing misleads consumers into believing that its flights won’t worsen the climate emergency but this is a myth,” said Hiske Arts of Fossielvrij NL.

“Unchecked flying is one of the fastest ways to heat up the planet. Customers need to be informed and protected from claims that suggest otherwise.”

The group says the entire industry is hoodwinking the public as global net zero is a myth unless the overall number of flights is reduced.

Fossielvrij NL is supported by lawyers from ClientEarth.

“While climate experts warn we need to reduce air traffic to keep a just and liveable world within reach, KLM and the airline industry are … lobbying intensively against climate regulation,” ClientEarth lawyer Johnny White said. 

Link: https://www.travelmole.com/news/klm-facing-greenwashing-lawsuit/