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Turkey is a richly historical land with some of the best cuisine you will ever taste, scenery from beaches to mountains and the great city of İstanbul.

With shores, forests and mountains peppered with millennial ancient ruins, the Turkish Riviera is the perfect destination for history aficionados, nature lovers and beach-buffs.

Starting from Antalya on the East and stretching over to Muğla on the West, is Türkiye’s one of the most popular holiday regions located by the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. This lush coastal region offers you ancient cities, castles, ports, temples and much more to discover….

The Turkish Riviera is Turkey at its most staggeringly beautiful: sandy sweeps of shore hug a coastline lapped by jade waters and backed by forest-blanketed slopes. The Turquoise Coast is prime sun-and-sea territory, but step off the beach and you’ll find ancient cities such as Xanthos, Tlos and Arykanda perched precariously atop hills, and ornate tombs carved into cliffs at Pınara and Myra. Hike between ruins on a section of the 500km-long Lycian Way and you’ll be richly rewarded with scenery worth the sweat.

The cool, calm waters of the Turkish Mediterranean are ideal for a relaxing sailing holiday – with nothing on the agenda but swimming, sunbathing, eating and hopping ashore for a spot of sight-seeing. Although much of the coast has been invaded by package tourists, there are still a number of unspoiled areas

The Turkish Riviera or the “Turquoise Coast”, boasts some of southern Europe’s most incredible holiday destinations. This is a true coastal paradise, set at the meeting point of Europe and the Middle East.


  • Why ANTALYA is so popular?
  • The Antalya region easily lures history lovers because of ancient ruined cities like Aspendos and its perfectly intact Roman theatre or Side with its landmark temple of Apollo and the ruins of the old city in the heart of the new one.

   Why BODRUM is so popular?

  • Bodrum has an excellent Riviera location, and is famed for sun, sand, luxury, and nightlife, the Turkish Riviera offers plenty of resorts and tourist infrastructure. The stunning beaches and dramatic coastline, and greenery makes it easy to understand why tourists flock in their masses.
  • Is FETHIYE or ANTALYA better?
  • Antalya beaches Lara/Side are long and sandy with high rise hotels.
  • Fethiye has mainly pebble sand beaches and buildings/hotels – especially Oludeniz – of 3 floors maximum.
  • Which is better FETHIYE or BODRUM?
  • Bodrum has lots of partying, loud music ….
  • Fethiye on the other hand is quiet at night, calmer nightlife perfect to rest and relax.
  • Is BODRUM or MARMARIS better?
  • Marmaris has more humidity and is a hotter resort than Bodrum with its cool breeze.
  • Is BODRUM better or ANTALYA?
  • From a beach perspective, Antalya is the winner.
  • Please find the Comparison in the below graph.


  • Small size, easy to explore.
  • Offers a charming coastal town vibe and accessible beaches.
  • Explore the Picturesque countryside or the beautiful stretch of winding coastline in no time.
  • Not a mass tourism destination (quieter).
  • Visit historical sites around Bodrum:  Ruins of the Mausoleum of Mausolus; Bodrum Castle.
  • A short ferry ride away from the Greek Islands of Kos and Rhodes.
  • Partying mainly in the town of Gumbet, just west of Bodrum.
  • Nightlife happens in the city center, particularly in nearby Gumbet.
  • Explore coves, bays, and beaches. Bodrum has several wondrous beaches nearby.
  • PAMUKKALE: Hot prings and travertine terraces.
  • EPHESUS: Ancient Greek and Roman ruins.
  • BLACK ISLAND: Volcanic island featuring healing mineral pools.
  • KOS OR RHODES: Greek Islands near the Turkish south coast.


  • Large city, bigger than Bodrum with its sprawling port city.
  • Very accessible and a crowded destination.
  • This huge coastal city is the largest international sea resort in Turkey with a lot to see & do.
  • Antalya has the upper hand in Partying, with large clubs and is the region’s largest city.
  • Authentic Turkish cuisine can be easily found in the numerous local restaurants.
  • Coves, bays, and beaches re in abundance. Nature lovers have more variety and options for adventure around Antalya.
  • Families with children have lots of activities:  Waterparks, Theme parks, Accessible Public Beaches, Fun Nature Excursions.
  • Attractions:
    • stunning beaches,
    • wonderful waterfront and harbor,
    • walled Old Town home, cobbled streets,
    • Archaeology Museum
  • Historic Sites:
    • Hadrian’s Gate,
    • Hidirlik Tower,
    • Clock Tower.
  • Aspendos Theater, one of the world’s largest intact Roman amphitheaters.
  • Waterfalls: Düden, Manavgat, Kurşunlu.
  • National & Urban parks, green spaces.
  • Antalya is much warmer than Bodrum and has an extended summer season.
  • Antalya has some excellent public beaches within the city.
  • Nightlife mainly takes place in the all-inclusive resorts rather than inside the city.
  • PAMUKKALE: Hot springs and travertine terraces.
  • KÖPRÜLÜ CANYON: Canyon for hiking, whitewater rafting, natural scenery, and archaeological sites
  • ALTINBESIK CAVE NATIONAL PARK: National park home to the world’s largest underground water cave, as well as abundant wildlife.
  • TERMESSOS RUINS: Ancient ruins set within a gorgeous mountain landscape.
  • ÇIRALI: Coastal town home to one of the best beaches in Turkey.
  • Olympos Ruins.
  • Legendary Chimaera Mountain.