ALBANIA, Guide by Intertravel

ALBANIA, Guide by Intertravel

“Albania’s stunning mountain scenery, crumbling castles, boisterous capital and dreamy beaches rival any in the Mediterranean and continue to enchant.

Most Beautiful Places in Albania

  • THETH NATIONAL PARK. this magnificent valley in the Albanian Alps has long been one of the most isolated places in the Balkans. Road built in 2010; Theth National Park structures created in 2022 …Admire old stone buildings, forests, caves, rivers dominated by mountains, rocky cliffs from which torrents and waterfalls tumble… An enchanting scenery.
  • BERAT, the beautiful “city of a thousand windows”: Nestling between two hills and the River Osum, it proudly displays its cliff-side Ottoman houses and maze of paved streets. Kala citadel, a 13th century castle overlooking the town offers a delightful panorama of the entire valley.
  • LAKE OHRID: one of the oldest lakes in the world.
  • GJIROKASTER, the city of “thousand steps” famous for its pretty historic centre and fortress, it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its preserved Ottoman-era buildings.
  • BUTRINT, the most important archaeological site in Albania, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the gateway to Corfu (Greece): Discover medieval ramparts, Greek theatre, Venetian tower, Byzantine basilica and Roman ruins.

DHËRMI, the wild beauty of the Albanian Riviera: Bordered by the Ceraunian mountains and hemmed in by paradise beaches, the bay offers unforgettable hiking trails such as the Gjipe canyon, with its spectacular cliffs overlooking a sandy cove fringed by turquoise waters.

ZVERNEC, opposite Puglia (Italy) there is a peaceful lagoon of Narta, which is home to the small island of Zvernec. It can be reached via a 270-metre-long winding bridge. This pine-covered dot of land is home to the well-preserved 13th century Byzantine monastery of Sainte-Marie.

KRUJA, famous for its hilltop castle, pine-covered mountains, cobbled streets, old white-walled houses, Ottoman monuments, old bazaar…

KOMAN LAKE, immerse yourself among the vertiginous views offered by the High Mountains of northern Albania. The jaded waters of the lake are surrounded by rugged and verdant towering cliffs, and this peaceful cruise is the perfect opportunity for a few hours of tranquility, or for exploring Albania’s rich wildlife. Birders should look out for pygmy cormorants, herons, and golden eagles.

  • TIRANA, Tirana, the heart and capital of Albania, like all other European metropolises has never-ending movement and energy. With its clubs, bars, cafes, and taverns, Tirana is worth discovering by both day and night.
    • The Skanderbeg Square (Albanian: Sheshi Skënderbej) is the main plaza in the centre of Tirana. It commemorates the 15th century nobleman, and hero of the nation for resisting the Ottomans.
    • Grand Park of Tirana:… an artificial lake, Saint Procopius Church, Presidential Palace, and memorials to several Albanian personalities. The Park is called the “Lung of the City” due to the diversity of plants; Botanical Garden, Zoo, complex of swimming pools; amphitheatre, the artificial lake is a well-known fishing and also swimming area.
    • Bunk’Art 1 is five levels & 3,000m2 of underground protective bunker, the product of Enver Hoxha’s fear of nuclear fallout. The case of dictator Enver Hoxha is unique in the world. He built over 200,000 bunkers (even 700,000) throughout the country, driven by a fear of nuclear war and invaders.
    • Bunk Art 2, located right in the centre of Tirana, just 30 seconds walk from Skenderbeg Square. Based inside a real communist era bunker